Many things in this world, before we see them, hear them, touch them, or specifically, before we experience them, we’ll never know what they are like. If you want to know the height of the mountain, climb it. If you want to know the flat of the plain, run on it. If you want to know the taste of the strawberry, eat it. Experience can give you the answer to all the questions.

These days, my work is to make phone calls to some of the North American companies to get some information from them. This time I know what is straightforward and efficiency of American people. Before this, I can only learn that from books, but what I know before is a little bit different from what I feel now. Experience gives me more vivid feelings.

When I try to learn something from them, if they don’t want to tell me, I will get a “no” immediately no matter how many times I ask. But if they can tell me, they will talk with me even without knowing who I am and where I’m from. There was a man who ask for my name and my company’s name only after 40 minutes chat with me on the phone. Interesting!

The thing make me aware that we’ll never spend time on assuming something, if you want to know their true colors, just go to find out yourself.

8/6/2012 06:24:29 pm



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