Last Sunday, with my girlfriend’s accompany, I went to downtown. That was a beautiful day- it was very sunny and with cool breeze, which really brought us a sense of spring. For even it is April now, here in Wuhu, we can not feel it is spring at all. Continuously, it rained and rained, which made it very cold. Some of us still wore thick coat and sweater, gloves and scarf. In a city with so changeable weather, many people went out in that rare sunny day.

In the square of downtown, I found many people were strolling, chatting and playing. While, some of the kites flied in the sky did catch my eyes, which brought my memory to my childhood. Seeing these kites, my girlfriend also wanted to have a try. So we went to buy it. However, the high price made us give up the idea, and we decided to buy it near our school and fly it next time. With a little pity, we came back.

Today, it was just as sunny as last Sunday, and we decided to fulfill our dream of flying kite. We bought a cheap kite and went to the square in the downtown. Even the sun made us feel a little hot, but we still felt excited. When we got there, there were already a lot of people there. I decided to fly it first, I held the string and run, I was excited to find the kite fly, but it was unsteady at all. It sometimes flied this way, and sometimes that way, and finally, within seconds, it dropped onto the floor. I tried several times, but it made no difference. Then my girlfriend flied it, she did better than me but she still couldn’t fly it long. I summarized the reason of the failure. It was partly because the wind was too slow, and partly because we have no skill in flying it. 

Things we watched so beautiful when we experienced ourselves, is not that beautiful. We try our best to fly the kite high, and we wait for the good wind to fly it, but none of them was realized. We’ve played the whole afternoon, and we both felt very tired, but we still didn’t have the real feeling of “flying kite” as we felt in our childhood. To be frank, we both got a little bit disappointed. As a result, we decided to try again next time.


These days, on my way back to school, I saw many people dance with music. For several nights, I found people exercising. Among them, there were both old people and young people, both man and woman. This is not an interesting thing, yeah? However, what I want to say is that Chinese people’s exercising concept is changing stealthily.

Several years ago, I’ve read books about people’s exercising habit. It said that Chinese people like to exercise in the morning, while western people like to exercise in the nightfall. These are quite different ways and which one is more helpful? The expert suggests people had better not exercise in the morning, because in the morning, the carbon dioxide in the air is the most around 6 o’clock. Before, we didn’t pay too much attention to that. We thought exercise is good for our health, so every people begin to exercise. They especially like to go to the park in the morning. They want to enjoy the “fresh” air there. But in fact, exercise that time is not good for their health.

Now people begin to aware the problem gradually. Many people begin to exercise in the nightfall, not the morning time. Another good phenomenon is that more and more young people begin to aware the importance of exercise. they begin to join this group.


This morning I got up a little bit earlier than I usually did. Before I went to work, there are still several minutes left. I didn’t know what to do. Occasionally, I saw a book on my roommate’s desk, so I picked it up and random chose a page to read. It tells a foreign host’s story in China, which I found is very interesting. I felt very delighted for I haven’t read books for a long time since I’ve got a computer. I work on computer, study on computer, and play on computer, nearly sleep on computer.

Probably sometimes I can let myself rest a little or just return to nature. Things delighted we before can not attract us any longer, but as soon as we pick them up, they can still bring us happiness. We are too busy with living everyday


Last night, when I surf the internet in the school dormitory, I suddenly heard the noise outside. I overheard that one student killed himself by jumping from the top of the dormitory building and the student lived in the same building with me. So I went out and saw it from the window. I saw a dead body sleep peacefully on the ground, when it was raining. Probably this is the mourning from the sky.

This is the first time I come across this kind of scene. I’ve heard about suicides many times, but this time is different. It is so near to me. I saw the guy lying on the ground without knowing anything – just let the rain sprinkle on him, and leave us pity and sorrow. I don’t why he did that. Is this the only road? I don’t know how his parents would react after heard this news by a midnight telephone.

This is also the first time I feel that life is so fragile. Whatever you achieve, whatever you success. You life can be ended in seconds.

I just think that life is so beautiful and why some people choose this road? Even we are not so happy and not so satisfied at the moment, there is no need for us to choose death, for every one of us only have one life. Even we have a future life, we don’t know what it would be, and we don’t know whether we are ourselves or not.

Life is our own. It just likes a tree. We should take care of it heart and soul to make it blossom and bear fruits.


The two stories I am going to talk about are actually about Chairman Mao’s statue.

These two stories happened in 1993, When was the 100 year’s anniversary of Chairman Mao’s birth. One of the stories is…

For Chairman Mao’s statue was made in Nanjing, and it should be carried to Shaoshan, Hunan, Chairman Mao’s hometown. When the truck passed by Jiangxi, it suddenly got stopped, even the driver hadn’t expected that. The driver tried to restart the truck, but he still couldn’t start it after several tries. He was told by the locals that Jiangxi is the start of Chairman Mao’s revolutionary career, probably he want to stay there overnight, so the driver stopped there for a night. Next day, the driver easily started the truck without any repairment.

Another story happened during the inauguration. That was March, but what incredible was that all the azaleas in Shaoshan blossomed out. You know normally azaleas only blossom in April. All the people cheered that “Chairman Mao is back”. Also that day, the sun and the moon appeared in the sky at the same time.

I still don’t know whether the two stories are true or not, for I didn’t witness that. I am not superstitious. But I still get a little believe that - I don’t know why. Just before I post this blog, I watched a short video about the stories. I don’t care about it is true or not, I know I felt esteemed and respectful during I watched that. Chairman Mao is a spiritual symbol to us now. We’d like to believe that he has a power to make good changes – to our life, to our country, to any other things.

I try to add the video on, but I don't know how to. So I just offer the link for someone who interest in it:


Till now, I haven’t traveled by train for many times, but I find an interesting thing is that there are a lot of promotions on the train – all kinds of things, from beautiful souvenir to cups and socks, etc. In order to promote the things, some of the train staffs will tell a lot of interesting things about it, such as stories and anecdotes. For instance, this Saturday, on my trip to Nanjing, there is a girl promoting a kind of golden card, which is to commemorate Chairman Mao. That golden card costs 10 yuan. I thought there won’t be too many people buy that, for we seems to have a common sense that things sold on train are normally much expensive than those sold in shops. In order to promote this golden card, the girl told us two myths about Chairman Mao – that happened during the inauguration of Chairman Mao’s statue. Both of the stories seemed to be mysterious (I haven’t made sure about the story, so I’ll told you next time). I don’t know whether the stories are true or not, but this is the first time I heard about them. They really interest me. 

I like this kind of stuff, which makes me not feel lonely during the trip. Besides, I can know something about the local culture and broad my horizon. Probably this is also Chinese culture, for it is so big that it always take even days to travel from one place to another. So it is important to have some fun during the trip. I expect to know what people do on train in foreign countries. Hope someone could tell me something about that.


An exciting news for me these two days is that my website English Home can be searched in Google. This really delighted me, for my purpose of creating this site is to make more people know it.

Those past few days to me were gloomy and awful. Besides the job, I had to prepare for the TEM 8 ( Test for English Majors)Test of Interpretation and the opening report for school paper. To prepare all these stuff, I felt exhausted. While after I looking at the answers to the TEM 8 on the internet, I feel desperate. I know that I cannot pass it. I wake up from dreams. There is no worse news to me than this – the test cannot be more important. I aware that I paid too little attention to this. There would be another test waiting for me this Sunday – I have no confidence at all..

After I found a job, the time that I spent on study became much less. Probably I deserved the result. English home is a good beginning for me, I’ve said this one month ago. While in order to study and work, I didn’t update the site for nearly a month only to find that I failed all the exams, it seems ridiculous to me. 

In China, we always said that what you lose on the swings you get back on the roundabouts. I have lost one battle, but I hope that I can use this site to improve my English. I believe I can do better. I hope all the people who visit this site can supervise me. 

I am not a man that can loss so easily!


This Friday's company activity was to go to have a buffet dinner in a teahouse called "Luhecun". To be frank, I didn't have too much feeling about it and I don't like the buffet very much, for eating too much at a time is pretty harmful to our health. Before this, I had went to a teahouse in my county - that is my first time. I haven't went to the teahouse before that because on one hand it is not so necessary and on the other, it is too expensive for me. My impression to that teahouse is nothing special. It is just a place for people to chat, and even play cards and mahjong - nothing different from other bars and leisure centers.

But this time seemed to be different. As soon as I arrived at the site of the teahouse, I got a little surprised. The style of the building is an typical Hui style architecture, which is unique from the left and brought us an antique flavour. I like this kind of feeling, not because I am a nostalgic person. Tea -tasting is really an art, which is quite different from normal drinking. I didn't like teahouse, because it is not a good place to drink tea. As we all know, Japan is famous for sado ( In fact, Japanese sado is introduced from antient China in Tang dynasty), but we don't know what it is. Actually, sado is really comprehensive, which laid great emphasises on the tea - leaves, water to be used, tea sets, duration of fire as well as the surroundings. Even people's mood is also very important. So I don't think teahouse is suitable to exist in the current world.

In my mind, teahouse is just a stuff that should be only exsit in ancient time, when it was so popular to all kinds of people. The reason why the teahouse was that popular, I guess, is there was not too many other things to drink, so all the people like to go to teahouse. But the situation today is quite different -  we have so many things to drink: mineral water, soda drink, milk, yogurt, juice and so on. Tea is no longer the only choice.

I find that in antient times, tea - drinking can be mainly classified into two different catagories - one is that among the lower class people, which is just for somthing to drinking, and the other is that among the upper class people( those people are mainly government officials and other educated people). The sado is generally developed among the upper class - they have a lot of lesiure time, so they always versify during the tea time and they also make a lot of rules of tea - tasting. Sado was considered as a leisure thing done by people with a good taste. However, people with good taste would not go to a too " modern" teahouse.

I have wrote too much. What I want to say is that this teahouse is quite different from others, it is also a three - star tour site in China - the founder of the teahouse is also a collector of carvings. His collectings include wood carvings, stone carvings and brick sculpture - which is the famous "three carvings". When we taste the tea, we can also appreciate the museum of carvings - this is an unparallel place for tea - tasting.


Lantern Festival (In Chinese also Yuanxiao jie) is a traditional Chinese festival which can be dated back to Han dynasty - It has been nearly two thousand years. Lantern Festival is the fifteenth day of the 1st lunar month. Why in China we called it Yuanxiao jie, I think you can find it in many resouces. There is no need for me to mention it here.

During the day of Lantern Festival, there are many different customs. Even in different places of China, the customs are different from each other. But certainly there are somthing in common. For example, During the day, people will eat Tangyuan, hang the lanterns outsite the room and solve riddles on the lanterns and so on. Though the customs may be different, the sybol of the festival is the same - sybol of getting together with the family and friends, for the pronunciation of yuan in Tangyuan is just the same as the pronunciation of Chinese word Tuanyuan, which means being together.

Useually, we have 3 days legal leave in the New Year's Festival. However, in my hometown, people always consider the Lantern Festival as the last day of the New Year's Festival - we call the New Year's Festival nian in Chinese, and the Lantern Festival xiaonian. From this, you can see how inportant the festival is - second only to the New Year's Festival.

Tomorrow is also Monday - the next week's work will began. I was so sad that I can not gather with my family far away. Tonight, when I heard the sound of fireworks (In China, we always set off fireworks during this day), I missed my family more than ever before. This make me think of one Chinese poem "A lonely stranger in a strange land I am cast, I miss my family all the more on every festive day." With these beatiful words, the scene of the Lantern Festivals in my childhood came into my mind:

Those were really carefree ages. In the day, I got up early with my parents and went to the crowd temple - fair. It is said that the earlier you get up, the sencere you are and your wish will have more chances to come true(At that time, the only wish that my family and I prayed for is that in the future I can go to university and have a good job). So every Lantern Festival we got up early to go to the fair. But later the day, I would forgot my wish behind. When the night came, I will take the lantern and play with my little companions around the village.

Those were really memorale time in my life. When we get up gradually, the time for us to gather with our families will become less and less. If you have time, no matter it is a festival of not, no matter you are far away or not, please go home to see your parents and grand -parents.


Sometimes, what people did seems quite different from what they thought. They did things without any thinking at the moment, while they'll think a lot after the things were done. Why? I thought the question many times, only one conclusion I've made. That is: We are not real ourselves.

This afternoon, my boss have a talk to me. She said that the accommodation of the company is not enough, and because I haven't graduate yet, so I may need to move to live in my school dormitory (that can be accepted, no problem!). What's more, due to that I studied in a local university, they can not give me the housing allowance. I asked why - she said this is a new regulation of the company (this cannot be accepted at all!). Then, I didn't say anything and I accepted the result. However, I feel very depressed afterwards. You told me that employees who don't live in the company accommodation would have a housing allowance, why do you regret now? There are so many new graduates in the company, why do this happen to me, not others? So many "question mark" filled in my mind the whole afternoon.

Since my boss's words made me so unhappy and agonizing, why didn't I tell her my ideas directely? (To be frank, I really can't understand how can I accept her requirements even without saying anything!) Maybe I considered too much at that time. I had long been made to accept things silently - just change things that can be changed, leave alone ones that cannot be changed, and in China, this is an old tradition - to say no to others is really a hard thing. If you do this, you will be considered to be too realistic or materialistic. In China, we advocate the notion that "people do great works don't care about small issues". So we don't like to say "no" to others, especially when it needs to give up our own interstes. Say "no" to others is considered to be a kind of losing face. We do afraid of losing face, aren't we?

As a matter of fact, most people who give up their own interests for the sake of others will regret or unhappy afterwards. In this case, please do not do that, that's OK! I think we are not living truly. We fear to express our true ideas. To be a true man, at least we should express our true feelings - just call a spade a spade. What you said may make others not happy at the moment, but if you do things you don't want to, you may be unhappy for a long time. In addition, if people know that you cheated them, they will be even more unhappy.