An exciting news for me these two days is that my website English Home can be searched in Google. This really delighted me, for my purpose of creating this site is to make more people know it.

Those past few days to me were gloomy and awful. Besides the job, I had to prepare for the TEM 8 ( Test for English Majors)Test of Interpretation and the opening report for school paper. To prepare all these stuff, I felt exhausted. While after I looking at the answers to the TEM 8 on the internet, I feel desperate. I know that I cannot pass it. I wake up from dreams. There is no worse news to me than this – the test cannot be more important. I aware that I paid too little attention to this. There would be another test waiting for me this Sunday – I have no confidence at all..

After I found a job, the time that I spent on study became much less. Probably I deserved the result. English home is a good beginning for me, I’ve said this one month ago. While in order to study and work, I didn’t update the site for nearly a month only to find that I failed all the exams, it seems ridiculous to me. 

In China, we always said that what you lose on the swings you get back on the roundabouts. I have lost one battle, but I hope that I can use this site to improve my English. I believe I can do better. I hope all the people who visit this site can supervise me. 

I am not a man that can loss so easily!

6/14/2009 06:18:41 am

Very interesting article.

9/17/2010 12:36:58 pm

The reason I know this and you don't is because I'm younger and pure. So I'm more in touch with cosmic forces.《Sleepless in Seattle》


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