Take Care of the KEYS. It is the most profound truth I learned tonight.

After dinner, I went to play table tennis with my colleagues. After we play for some time, my girlfriend sent me a SMS, and then I chatted with her on the phone. For lacking of power, my cell phone was turned off automatically. In order not to make her worry about me, so we went back.

When I got to the gate of my little quarter, guess what? I couldn’t find my keys. Then I remember that I had forgotten my keys in the basket of my colleague’s bike. Then I tried to phone him, suddenly I realized that my phone was power-off, and I had no my money with me. Bad luck! What can I do? Should I stay out for a whole night? How cold it might be. I have home, but I cannot go back. I have phone, but I cannot make calls, I know where the keys are, but I cannot get them. What a shitty day!

I thought to ask somebody to borrow a phone, but I was afraid to be treated as a cheat or something else. I didn’t want to. I was waiting, just in case my colleague found the key and sent it back. But he didn’t back. I had no choice but to borrow a phone. I targeted a girl who is alone for I don’t want to be laughed at by more people. Then I went to the girl and said to her

       “Can you lend me your phone for a call?”

       “a long-distance or a short distance?” She asked me precautiously and seriously.

       “short-distance”, I answered.

She took out of her phone unwillingly and hesitantly. Thank goodness, I phoned my colleague at the drop of a hat, and gave back her phone with millions of thanks. I was so embarrassed at that time. Was she worrying and wondering whether I am a bad guy? Was she preparing to shy out in case I run with the phone? Was she expecting and planning for the worst? Was she…?

What an awkward experienceToday is really not my day. Anyway, no matter when and where, take care of your KEYS is a word from me.

What is loneliness? I didn’t know before, but I do know now.

Anything that doesn’t happen to us is never felt in our hearts.

We think we are the greatest only because our ignorantness

The more we experiences, the tiny we feel we are.


loneliness makes us feel that we are the only people in the world

even with so many people’s accompanies.

loneliness makes us feel we are living in the endless darkness

even with bright sun shines.


Loneliness is also a vile enemy

It never bothers us when we are with our friends

It hides to the deepest corner in our hearts

And only attacks us when we are alone and helpless

Country road,
Take me home,
To the place
I belong

Finally during this National Day, I went home! Finally!

My girlfriend said, “Nobody stops you from going back”. Right, so I did. My parents and I had planned this for a long time, but it is always one thing or another stops me. I wanted to make everything perfect, but I couldn’t, didn’t and needn’t. Just go back. Finally, I made it.

The night before going back, I went to the supermarket and bought a soy milk grinder for my mother. When I phoned to tell her this, she refused and seemed to be very angry about this. She said if I take this home, she would beat me. I couldn’t understand why. But I had already bought it. I could only bring it home.

After taking more than three hours’ bus, I got home. Not surprisingly, my mother didn’t beat me. But I still don’t know the reason for her angriness. Anyway, my coming back was really a happy thing for the whole family, even my disabled grandpa seemed to be a bit more active. 

Because I still had to go back to work, I just stayed home for 4 days. During these 4 days, I got the reason why my mother doesn’t want me to buy the grinder. I am too young to know the difficulty of earning money, especially for a rural family. People in city have set job, and set salary each month, only if they lose their job. They need not to worry about it. But at the countryside, the situation changed. When the busy farming seasons passes, it’s hard to earn money. So they should make an elaborate plan to use the money. The money I used to buy the grinder equals four day’s hard work of picking cotton in my home.

Time passed too quickly. These four days was the happiest time for my mother, for after those days, she would be alone. The day before I left, we saw off my father. He went to find labor work in city – my mother urged him to do this. She is not too old to aware that she will be alone when my father is gone.

On the back bus, I thought a lot about my parents, especially my mother, she is too painstaking. How can she endure all these things! As a son, how I can make my parents live at ease will be the most important thing in my life. How far is it from my apartment from my home? How far is it from the city to the country? How far is it from me to my parents? Nobody knows. Me either. But I know that if I can act as a son, these will be nothing.

All my memories gather round her
Miner's lady stranger to blue water 
Dark and dusty painted on the sky
Misty taste of moonshine teardrop in my eyes