I’ve been thinking about the salary issue for the whole night. I know I can’t accept it, unless you do that without thinking our feelings.

You know what, we’ve been expecting the increase of the salary for six months, and we only find out that there is no increase. You did let us down. You said that this year is a proper time to move to this new salary-increasing system just because we get more bonuses. But did you aware that we get no profit share from the company? Actually, we don’t care too much about when you will move to what new system as long as that won’t influence our benefits. But this time it did.

In the first half year, we all know that we’ll get more bonuses at the end of the year, we were all greatly motivated. We worked hard for the past half year. But now when we know that we don’t have salary increase in the middle of year, you know how disappointed we are! Now, you change the January increase and July increase to one “big” January increase, can you ensure that we can get twice of that before? Even though, How about our hard work this half year? It already turns to nothing.

Another thing that really makes us sad is that last time when you change bonus scheme, at least you asked about our ideas. But this time, we don’t know it at all. Now it’s already August, when we are all waiting for out increased July salary, but we get the information that there is no increase this time. It seems that the decision has long been made. Have you done it intentionally to disappoint us? 

Before, I thought I’m promising in the company, but it seems that I am wrong. You said you are always thinking for us, but is that true? If it’s true, why your decisions can just make us disappoint and even angry with the company. We are all not born yesterday. We know what is good for us. You never know what we want as a staff. We do need high salary, but a strong sense of satisfaction is more important. If you continue to do things as you want, the only result will be that all your experienced staff leaves the company with disappointment and dissatisfaction.