Since I lost money last month, the life seems to be more difficult, or the life may have never being easy.

Till this month, I have been working for a year. When I think back, the only thing I got in the year is working experience, not a single penny saved. But I always believe that life is getting better and better.

Being stayed with me for a year, my girlfriend finally comprised to the reality – she chose a job which is not in the city. She can only come back once a week. I was thinking that this is not too bad. She can come to me each week, anyway. But after two weeks, it seems that it is not the thing. She told me, she doesn’t want to go back every week, because every time, the travelling fee worth her one weeks’ living cost. And she’ll be tired of travelling between two places.

Every time now we go to supermarkets, we look a lot, but buy few. Every time I want to buy her things she’d like to have, she refuses. She told me it’ll be a waste. She dreams that one day we have enough money to buy whatever we want.

I never ignore the role of money in my life, but never before like these days, I feel that I have to earn as much as possible. I have to work hard to make her life easy. If I am excellent enough, she won’t feel like that. Even I’m indifferent to fame and fortune, I can’t expect all the people I love are the same, so I have the responsibility to make them a better life.

There are lots of obstacles are waiting for me. However, I believe life is getting better and better.