Who knows the results it’ll brings by challenging one’s biological clock? I once heard that when we are young, we’d better not to challenge our biological clock. It’ll do great harm to our body when we are old. Especially staying up all night. When I was a student, many of my classmates and friends would stay up all nights at the net bars. But I never do that. At least I know it’ll do no good.

This month, due to my work, I have to work at night for a whole month. This is really painful. Even during the weekends, I have to keep my timetable in line with that in week days. That means, I will not see the sun for a month. Now, three weeks have passed, how I wish these painful days can go quickly. However, my boss said that probably we should work overnights for aother month, Gee whiz!

I don’t know whether I can cope with it for another months, I don’t want to live several years less.

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Many things in this world, before we see them, hear them, touch them, or specifically, before we experience them, we’ll never know what they are like. If you want to know the height of the mountain, climb it. If you want to know the flat of the plain, run on it. If you want to know the taste of the strawberry, eat it. Experience can give you the answer to all the questions.

These days, my work is to make phone calls to some of the North American companies to get some information from them. This time I know what is straightforward and efficiency of American people. Before this, I can only learn that from books, but what I know before is a little bit different from what I feel now. Experience gives me more vivid feelings.

When I try to learn something from them, if they don’t want to tell me, I will get a “no” immediately no matter how many times I ask. But if they can tell me, they will talk with me even without knowing who I am and where I’m from. There was a man who ask for my name and my company’s name only after 40 minutes chat with me on the phone. Interesting!

The thing make me aware that we’ll never spend time on assuming something, if you want to know their true colors, just go to find out yourself.

Time passes really fast – last few days, I felt so fluctant to part with my friends, while more than a week has been passed. The life seems to be peaceful again. Today is another weekend, accompnied to my little brother, I went to the compus.

It was peaceful like all the other summer holidays, and sometimes, I can see few students. But this time, my feelings are quite different. In the past, even all my classmates left, I know they will be back, but this time they will never come back. I walked through the campus, all the things remain unchanged, all the plants are flourishing. After two months holiday, other students will go back to school again, but we won’t. Those paths of school, I’ve walked on for many times, but this time, I feel they does not belong to me, nor I belong to it. Before, I walked with my classmates, but this time I was alone. Times will bring our feelings to our campus away. All things will be far way from us gradually.
Several days have been passed after we graduate, and people who have to leave have already left. I have begun my new life in this familiar city. But these days I feel lost, and my heart feels empty. This weekend is the first weekend I spent without friends. Though I was accompanied by my girlfriend, I still feel pretty lonely. Though I was not so missed my friends as when they just leve, their faces and voices still reverberated in my mind time and time again.

As I need to adjust myself to the American working time due to the need of my work, I have to sleep in the daytime and do things in the night this weekend. This made me feel painful. In the daytime, I slept, but during the night, I didn’t know what to do. People in a peaceful night will think about many things voluntarily. Pictures of my university life always occur in my mind. I know what I should do, but I just had no mood to do anything. I always wondering what my friends’ life like in other places. Do they feel the same as me? Do thy have distress as me? or they can quickly have a normal life.

I know that there must be many friends in the different phases of our life. Some of them can be bosom friends, but when we part with each other for a long time, we may forget that we still have one this kind of friend. I am sure that some time later, my life will be normal again, and I am sure that my life will be better, but I don’t know at that time, whether I can remember those friends. But I will leave a place in my heart for them forever, no matter whether I can think of them.


All of my dear classmates, teachers and friends, goodbye.

We all knew the parting day, but we never want to mention it, for we knew that we can’t help to be sorrow. You are all my dearest and closest friends, when we can meet each other again after this time’s part? And when we meet again, can we feel so close to each other? I’m pretty sure that some of us can meet each other again, and I’m also pretty sure that we can never meet all of us together. As time flies, several months later, we may forget each other’s appearance, one year later, we may forget each other’s voice, and still as time goes on, we may forget the memory to things happened to each other. But we should never forget we have many many “befores” together, we’ve ever worked hard together, laughed happily together and cried loudly together.

Two of my best friends, I really feel reluctant to part with them, and I really want to see them off, but at last, I didn’t and will not. One of them told me she doesn’t want me to see her off, for that will only make us be sadder. She doesn’t like this kind of situation. And we’ll surely meet each other again, so she doesn’t want to be too sorrow. I agreed.

Yesterday, left Jolens, who and I just like brother for the four years campus life, But I didn’t see him off. Today I heard from one of my other classmates that Jolens burst into tears in the train station. Hearing this I can’t help to cry any more. Tonight, the other bosom friends will also leave. I won’t see her off either, for I believe in her words.

I cry to the sky and to you, I am waiting you here in this city.