Today, the scene I always watch on TV and news happened to me. I felt desperate at that time. I hate to say it again, but I really want to let you all know.
On my way home after work this afternoon, I went to bank to withdraw some money. As usual, I went to the ATM, plug-in card, enter password and withdraw cash. After I put the cash in my wallet, I planned to have a check of the remaining amount in my account. Just at the moment, I felt some people came into the bank booth. One fat man came to me directly to ask me something. I didn’t hear clearly at that time, but suddenly I heard that my card was pull out and when I turned my head, I found another used card was in the machine. Suddenly I understood that I suffer robber!!!!!!
I did nothing but looked at them leave with my card. My excuse to myself was that they are not one person and I am too weak to fight with them. I may lose some money but I don’t want to lose my life or any part of my body.
Anyway, let it go. Immediately after they leave I reported the loss of the card to the bank and I called the police and told them all the details I know. Till now, I still don’t know whether I have loss the money or not. Tomorrow morning, I will go to the bank to check the account. God bless me!!! One word for summary, in facing of a robber, I’m timid and I am not as brave as I thought. L
This morning, on my way to work, I found a lot of people were around the two high schools. I realized that today is the first day of College Entrance Exam.

My past days came into my mind. In order to go to university, for the 3 years in high school, every day, we have to spend even 14 - 16 hours to study. Each night, we can hardly sleep very well. Millions of tests, quizzes came every day. It is said that to have College entrance exam is just like millions of troops to pass a single-log bridge. On the other end of bridge is our bright future. But is this the fact?

Each of us has tried a lot to enter college to find a better job after graduation in China, but in recent years, the unemployment rate of college students become higher and higher. On the other hand, many of the factories in China can't hire sufficient workers, especially workers with great expertise and skills. This is really upsetting.