For a long time, I don’t want to say out the word, for I don’t want to acknowledge the fact that I am going to graduate from the university. However, if I don’t say it out now, I will have no chance any more. Time on campus passes so fast that I even haven’t begun to enjoy it. It faster than sound, faster than light, and faster than out mind. As I sigh here with emotion, it moves nearer the graduation.

Last days, I’ve been working on my graduation thesis, which made me feel I am still a student. However, I cannot escape more. I can clearly feel the difference between school and society. As a man, I should say, there is too much burden to undertake. When I am still a student, my parents helped me undertake all the burden, now I should consider all the things. It come all of a sudden that I haven’t prepared well.

I am from countryside, which is very poor compared to the city. Affording one child to go to university is not an easy thing. However, I still have a little brother studying in high school. Every time I went home, seeing the aged parents, I don’t have the heart to request anything from them. So, from this semaster, I haven’t use any money from home. But it really difficult. Maybe you are wondering why a child more than 20 years old still cannot live by himself. It is hard to explain. In China, so many reasons cause the condition. If you have ever been to China, probably you can understand it better. Now, less than 15 days from my graduation, I still have no money to rent a house. I don’t know what to do, and I just feel so helpless.

As I graduation student, I have too many feelings and too many words to say, but now I don’t know how to begin, maybe I will write it later.