Expert and seminar are closely related. Experts often attend seminars, but people who attend seminars are not always experts.

Since this year, I have delivered several speeches and attended some seminars. All the things I talked are based on what I do in the company – market research.

I do like attending those kinds of activities, because they provided me opportunities to go out of office. For me personally, I can take the chances to have trips to various places and learn different people’s ideas on the industry. For the company, those activities can make us more famous in the industry.

Recently, there is another conference organizer invites me to go to Taipei to attend a seminar. To be frank, every time I heard this kind of news, I feel happy together with sad. Others would like to invite me means that they believe that they can learn something from me. But actually, I realized I am living under a mask – my company and my job title. Maybe I know much less than they do. Speeches and seminars make me think that I am important and knowledgeable, but it is not a fact that he who attends many seminars is expert.

Anyway, this is not bad, it will motivate me to learn more to become a deserved expert.