Sometimes we may find that people chase the bus that just start, but it doesn’t stop no matter how long you run or how loud you yell. I’ve seen this many times in our city and also in some other cities. I complained that the bus drivers are too indifferent – it just takes one minute for the driver to stop the bus and let one person on, while it takes 15 or more minutes for the person to wait for another bus. As a bus driver, he is doing service for the public, how can he be so indifferent? I think many people have the same doubt with me.

This morning, when I was waiting the bus, I saw the same thing happened again. An old lady chased and yelled after the bus but the bus still run away. But this time, I found the “secret” why the bus drivers are so “indifferent”. When the bus start, the drivers’ attention is always paid to the left rearview mirror of the bus to see whether there are vehicles are overtaking it. However, people always chase the bus in its right side, because the doors of the bus are in the right side. So this makes bus drives can not see people chasing the bus.

In addition, when the bus is just started, the sound of the engine is very noisy, so the drivers cannot hear people’s yelling either. Probably this can explain why the bus drivers are so “indifferent”. But this is not universally applied. We should also admit that there are drivers who don’t have a good morality.