I always thought that I am perseverant. When I start a thing, I can stick to it. I have strong ability to control myself, so I cannot easily immerse into any irrelevant thing. My girlfriend said I am a little arrogant, but I dont agree. In my eyes, that is not arrogant, but confident.

These ideas were always bare in my mind, so I cant feel any change in my habit and everyday life. Now I am gradually aware of the problems. As four years university life goes to the end. A lot of things have been changed. What we are going to face is society. Graduate this year is not an easy thing. To find a job, especially a better paying job is too difficult for us. Compared to others of the same period with me, I am a little lucky for Ive already found a job in the first term of the senior- year. When I step into the society from school, my feeling is complicated. I want to do well in my job. And also have to bring a good end to my university life. I plan to learn this, and plan to learn that but nothing has been turned into reality.

After a days tire work, I came to my dormitory. The only thing I want to do is to relax and have some fun. So my dream, my work, my plan, my paperall these things are procrastinated day by day, week by week. It seems that I have dream and goal, but I didnt start and havent got any detailed schedule to realize them. All these seem to be too pale.

I get up late in the morning, go to work, and then come back in the night. As long as I have time, I will surf the internet and doing some useless things. I only get my school assignments ready until the last minute, and until my teachers hasten me.

This me is quite different from the usual one. The changes were gradually, before I can aware that. I thought they can do little harm to me. But I was wrong, totally wrong. In the bottom of my heart, I dont want to be a man like that at all. But how can I allow it happens.

I am not a perseverant man. I need change!


Last month, I registered in a driving school. Since there were too many people registered, so I had to wait until this week. This week we learned the “theory lessons” as we call it – that including the traffic signs, the traffic police’s gestures, basic knowledge about driving and also knowledge about the automobile. To be frank, these are not very difficult, for the questions in the exam are all the choice question and true-or-false question. However, the cut – off scores are 90 grades out of 100. To many people, this is not that easy.
Before the test, I have done a lot of exercises, and every time I can pass it, so I didn’t worry about that. Yesterday morning we have a model test, and I scored 97. This made me more confident about it. Surprisingly, the teacher of the driving school phoned me yesterday afternoon and he asked me to show consideration for people beside me during the test. I never expect a teacher would ask his student to cheat in the exam. This is quite different from that in school. Now I can understand quite well how the school different from the society! I promised him I will if the condition allows me.

This morning, before I got the test site, a man phoned me and told me he is the one who will sit beside me. And then we met. He is more than 40 years old with a big fat body – I appeared so small while standing beside him. From his appearance, I could judge that he is very rich. We chatted a little before the test.

At the beginning of the test, I was doing my own paper. After that I tried my best to tell him how to do it. I found he knows little about the answers. Before I told him, he has already finished part of the test, and I just told him the answer to questions that he didn’t answer. To be frank, I was a little worried at that time. On one hand, I worried about my own test, because some the questions I was not so sure about, and on the other, that was the first time I cheat in an exam, though the invigilators are not so strict. After I helped him filled the blank, we both handed it on. 

Unfortunately, he got 89 – only one grades missed. I was very regretted about that, if only I helped him check the answers he did, the result would be different. I really wanted to help him. This is first time others asked me to do a favor of this kind and they trusted me a lot. But I let them down. I found I was so regretful that just as I didn’t pass it.


Last Sunday, with my girlfriend’s accompany, I went to downtown. That was a beautiful day- it was very sunny and with cool breeze, which really brought us a sense of spring. For even it is April now, here in Wuhu, we can not feel it is spring at all. Continuously, it rained and rained, which made it very cold. Some of us still wore thick coat and sweater, gloves and scarf. In a city with so changeable weather, many people went out in that rare sunny day.

In the square of downtown, I found many people were strolling, chatting and playing. While, some of the kites flied in the sky did catch my eyes, which brought my memory to my childhood. Seeing these kites, my girlfriend also wanted to have a try. So we went to buy it. However, the high price made us give up the idea, and we decided to buy it near our school and fly it next time. With a little pity, we came back.

Today, it was just as sunny as last Sunday, and we decided to fulfill our dream of flying kite. We bought a cheap kite and went to the square in the downtown. Even the sun made us feel a little hot, but we still felt excited. When we got there, there were already a lot of people there. I decided to fly it first, I held the string and run, I was excited to find the kite fly, but it was unsteady at all. It sometimes flied this way, and sometimes that way, and finally, within seconds, it dropped onto the floor. I tried several times, but it made no difference. Then my girlfriend flied it, she did better than me but she still couldn’t fly it long. I summarized the reason of the failure. It was partly because the wind was too slow, and partly because we have no skill in flying it. 

Things we watched so beautiful when we experienced ourselves, is not that beautiful. We try our best to fly the kite high, and we wait for the good wind to fly it, but none of them was realized. We’ve played the whole afternoon, and we both felt very tired, but we still didn’t have the real feeling of “flying kite” as we felt in our childhood. To be frank, we both got a little bit disappointed. As a result, we decided to try again next time.


These days, on my way back to school, I saw many people dance with music. For several nights, I found people exercising. Among them, there were both old people and young people, both man and woman. This is not an interesting thing, yeah? However, what I want to say is that Chinese people’s exercising concept is changing stealthily.

Several years ago, I’ve read books about people’s exercising habit. It said that Chinese people like to exercise in the morning, while western people like to exercise in the nightfall. These are quite different ways and which one is more helpful? The expert suggests people had better not exercise in the morning, because in the morning, the carbon dioxide in the air is the most around 6 o’clock. Before, we didn’t pay too much attention to that. We thought exercise is good for our health, so every people begin to exercise. They especially like to go to the park in the morning. They want to enjoy the “fresh” air there. But in fact, exercise that time is not good for their health.

Now people begin to aware the problem gradually. Many people begin to exercise in the nightfall, not the morning time. Another good phenomenon is that more and more young people begin to aware the importance of exercise. they begin to join this group.