Tonight when I went shopping, I bought a set of clothes which cost me 160RMB and other things like vegetables and some fast-food, etc. In total, I spent 180RMB tonight. Is it a waste of money?

On my way back home, I was thinking, what can be seen as saving money? Tonight, my mum phoned me. She said that she had prepared some salted food for me to bring with when I go back during this Spring Festival. Things she prepared include salted duck, chicken, sausage and so on. I told her that I needn’t that much food and I have lots of things here. I told her to leave food to herself. But she said that she just want to save money for me.

Since I left school, she had worried for me all the time. She worried that when I get married, I won’t have money to buy a house, so she always tried to save money for me, and she had told me many times to save money. All the money she saved by the salted food can’t be more than that I spent one night. I feel ashamed. I was brought up by my parents, and now we are living two different kind of life. 200RMB can be spent by me in one hour even one minute, but my parents need to earn it by spending 10 days in the crop field.

It is so ironical that my mother spent several days even months to save several hundred of money for me while I spent it in several minutes. 

This is life!